Brothers of Paterson, Inc.​
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Brothers - Reaching - Out - To - Help - Everyone - Rebuild - Self

Our ​​Mission
To create an environment that influences, enables, and empowers the men in our community towards the activities to succeed in life, through social, financial, and educational awareness.
The birth of Brothers of Paterson organization began in December of 2001 when several men were invited to the Great Falls Academy by The Paterson Housing Authority (PHA) to discuss the Men's Conference in the City of Paterson, New Jersey. The PHA came up with the idea after the success of their Women's Conference months before. They initially invited a few men in the community with various backgrounds such as business owners, educators, carpenters, and lawyers. The men, in conjunction with the PHA, began meeting every Sunday to plan for the Men's Conference early that following year. As time went on, the number of men grew to about 40 dedicated men who bought into the idea and felt there was a need for the men in our community to stand up! These men decided to call themselves B.R.O.T.H.E.R.S., which stands for Brothers Reaching Out To Help Everyone Rebuild Self.

On March 23, 2002, the very first Men's Conference was held at Passaic County Community College. Over 400 men attended the event. The conference was a huge success and great achievement that brought men in our community together regardless of their backgrounds to achieve a combined purpose. The purpose: to educate and uplift the men in our community and to let the city know that there are men in our community who care!

After the success of the Men's Conference, the Brothers decided to continue as a community based organization to help address the social, educational, and economic needs in their city. The Brothers' commitment to their community has not wavered since that very first day they met back in December of 2001.